Halti Harness for Dogs

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Stop your dog from pulling! The Halti Harness for Dogs kindly prevents a dog from pulling by allowing you to steer him in the direction you want to go. The Halti Harness follows the same principle of gentle stopping as the Halti Original Headcollar, but guides from the chest and shoulders rather than the head. This patented system lets owners control pets that do not like or can't wear a Headcollar.

  • Kindly stops dogs from pulling
  • Patented guidance system steers from the chest and shoulders
  • Great for training

Unlike other anti-pull harnesses, the Halti Harness causes no painful pressure on the dog's body and is always comfortable to wear. Double-ended leads are ideal to use for maximum control. The back ring above the shoulders acts as a brake while the front lead steers in the direction you choose.

Small: 5/8" Wide (Terriers)
Medium: 3/4" Wide (Collies & Spaniels)