Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nel Hideout Outhouse

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Small Pet

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The Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nel Hideout Outhouse is a convenient expansion for your small pet's habitat that can double as extra play space, or as a designated "bathroom" spot for your pet. The Hideout features a hinged lid for easy cleaning and a universal connector for attachment to CritterTrail habitats and tubes.

  • Creates extra space in your small pet's habitat
  • Use as a hideout/play space, or as a designated outhouse
  • Hinged lid allows easy cleaning
  • Universally connectable to CritterTrail habitats and accessories
  • Dimensions: 6"L x 3.75"W x 3.75"H

Small pets like hamsters, gerbils, and mice like to use one specific area as their bathroom space. By filling this Outhouse with litter, you can take advantage of your pet's natural instincts to keep waste out of the main habitat!

Note: Ships in assorted colors - please let us pick for you! Includes a connector ring that easily snaps onto other CritterTrail tubes, accessories, and habitats.