Kaytee CritterTrail One Level Habitat - Multi Colored

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Kaytee's Critter Trail One Level Habitat comes complete with a water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel and a Fun-nels climbing tube. Critter Trail One offers spacious living space for all hamsters, gerbils, or mice and it features a unique Petting Zone.

  • Spacious living area for hamsters, gerbils or mice
  • Unique Petting Zone area allows easy access to pick up your pet
  • Includes water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel and climbing tube

The cool Petting Zone is a special area of the home that you can open so you can pick up your pet or provide them with a tasty treat. Even if your favorite critter isn't in the Petting Zone, there is an "E-Z" access doorway on the Critter Trail One making access to your pet easy and simple.

Kaytee Critter Trail One has six locations where accessories can be attached to the home - so add as many fun accessories as you can!