Lixit Radical Steel Metal Cage Crock Bowl for Small Animals & Birds

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The Lixit Radical Steel Metal Cage Crock for Small Animals and Birds is an ideal feeder for virtually any cage. Made of premium stainless steel, this easy "twist on, twist off" bowl is resistant to chewing, rust and corrosion and provides maximum durability. The plastic base bracket attaches easily to cage bars wide or thin-spaced cage bars without tools. The bowl is dishwasher safe and suitable for any type of pet food.

  • Stainless steel cage crock for rats, guinea pigs and birds
  • Easy "twist on, twist off" installation and removal
  • Dishwasher safe and resistant to rust, corrosion and chewing

20 oz capacity
4.75" Diameter x 2.5" High

Note: Make sure there is plenty of fresh drinking water available for your pet at all times.