Penn Plax Nature's Aqua-Ponic Planter & Fish Habitat

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Penn Plax


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The Penn Plax Nature's Aqua-Ponic Planter and Fish Habitat is a truly unique home decoration that allows you to grow live plants while keeping a fish, all in one place! The innovative design replicates nature's metabolic cycle for a fun and educational experience.

  • Grow live plants together with your fish
  • Replicates nature's metabolic cycle for efficient growth
  • Educational and fun for all ages

The Aqua-Ponic Planter and Habitat replicates nature's metabolic cycle, using each part of the habitat to support the others. The plant's roots extend into the water and absorb nourishment from fish waste, resulting in purified water and a healthy environment for the fish. This is an ideal habitat for betta fish, as they naturally inhabit plant-heavy waters.

Includes: 1/2 gallon fish habitat, planting bowl, and ceramic growing substrate.