Tetrafauna ReptoFilter For Terrariums

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The Tetrafauna ReptoFilter provides efficient, 3-stage filtration in as little as 2 inches of water, making it ideal for the low water level aquatic environments preferred by turtles, newts and frogs. It's perfect for creating a naturalistic waterfall in your pet's habitat!

  • Efficient filtration for aquatic turtle and amphibian terrariums
  • Keeps water clear and removes odors
  • Uses easily replaceable filter cartridges

The filter lid allows no entry for critters, keeping your pets safe no matter how curious they may get. The ReptoFilter is built with Tetra's Whisper technology to provide the same high level of filtration as any of Tetra's full-size aquarium filters.

The ReptoFilter is easy to conceal and hide with rocks or plants. Setup is easy: simply attach suction cups, insert cartridge and plug in the filter. The 90 GPH ReptoFilter uses the Medium ReptoFilter Cartridges and the 125 GPH ReptoFilter uses the Large ReptoFilter Cartridges.

90 GPH: Fits Terrariums up to 20 Gallons
125 GPH: Fits Terrariums up to 55 Gallons