Zilla Coconut Husk Premium Reptile Bedding Brick

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Zilla Coconut Husk Premium Reptile Bedding Bricks contain highly absorbent, 100% natural coconut fiber that helps maintain optimum terrarium humidity, promotes egg incubation and is ideal for a wide range of reptiles and amphibians.

  • 100% organic, highly absorbent coconut fiber bedding
  • Holds moisture and humidity without significant decay
  • Super soft - perfect for burrowing, egg incubation and jumping reptiles

Coconut Husk bedding is completely non-toxic, non-abrasive, and fully biodegradable. Its unique composition helps to equalize moisture and keep it soft, making it extremely gentle to fragile eggs. Zilla compresses its coconut husk bedding into super compact bricks for easy storage; when opened, each brick provides enough thick, absorbent bedding to cover a 55 gallon terrarium tank.

Ideal for: Frogs, chameleons, green anoles, rainforest geckos, newts, salamanders and more.

Coverage: 1 block (1.43 lbs) covers 55 gallon tank.