Zoo Med Creatures Creature Den Low Profile

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The Zoo Med Low Profile Creature Den is an ideal starting kit for a variety of ground-dwelling tarantulas, insects, and other invertebrate pets. Perfectly sized for a desk or countertop, this compact terrarium includes a thermometer, natural cork, a glow-in-the-dark rock dish, and specialty soil.

  • Complete starting kit for beginners & expert hobbyists
  • Ideal for ground-dwelling tarantulas, insects & other invertebrates
  • Includes thermometer, natural cork, rock dish & soil
  • Compact size is perfect for desktops, bookshelves & more


  • Zoo Med Creatures Thermometer (CT-10)
  • Zoo Med Creatures Natural Cork (CT-53)
  • Zoo Med Creatures Rock Dish (CT-85)
  • Zoo Med Creatures Creature Soil - 1 qt (CT-80)

Dimensions: 10.5"L x 20.5"W x 8"H